Love Locks Heart Shaped Lovers Padlock

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Love Locks Heart Shaped Lovers Padlock

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Love Locks Heart Shaped Lovers Padlock

Love Locks Heart Shaped Lovers Padlock

All Engraving will be done on the front of the love lock padlocks, the back already has 2 hearts and together forever and web engraved on it as in the photos.


Solid brass double love heart padlocks have no keys, lock once and they are locked forever like your hearts, locked in love forever.
These double heart shaped padlocks have a solid brass body and stainles steal shackle.
Width = 38mm, Height = 25mm, Thickness = 7mm, Total padlock height including shackle = 65mm.

Lovelock, Padlock engraving suggestions.
To keep the engraving at a suitable size please stick to the format shown below.

Name + Name

Name + Name
Love Always

Name + Name
Locked In Love

Name & Name


Love Locks Heart Shaped Lovers Padlock.
Two hearts locked together forever in love.
Wherever and whenever Love Padlocks started doesn’t matter, we think it is a fantastic way of showing your Love for each other.
Our love heart Locks are used for many different occasions to symbolize and express your eternal love.
Lovers heart shaped PadLocks are a custom by which sweethearts will Lock padlocks to a solid struckture to declare their love for each other. Lovers young and old often lock them to a structure after engraving them with their names, date and an inscription.
Locks is perfect for personal engraving of your name and special date.
These love heart shaped padlocks have a heavy feel and large size with quality made to last.
Love Locks Heart Shaped Lovers Padlock Some say locking your love with a padlock originated in China thousands of years ago.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 cm